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TCP/IP resource not showing in MAX

OK the subject is not new but I haven't found an answer in previous posts.


We have a setup where the interface between a VXI chassis was changed from firewire to ethernet. With the firewire interface we could see the chassis modules in MAX in the miscellaneous VISA resources section (the modules were identified as VXI0::08::INSTR and VXI0::09::INSTR).


Now the issue is that with the ethernet interface the resource is not showing up in MAX. I can ping the chassis interface (EX2500A) and I created a new VISA TCP/IP resource in MAX. When I created the resource I was able to communicate with the EX2500A board with MAX interactive interface (it answered to the IDN? query). After closing this interface I was never able go back to it since the resource is not showing up in MAX. When I try to recreate the resource I receive a message that says that the resource is already in MAX database (see attached).



Do somebody have any idea?



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If you go to "Tools>>NI-VISA>>VISA Options" and then navigate to the alias' section, can you see the device in there? Can you communicate with it via "Tools>>NI-VISA>>VISA interactive controls"? I would try this to be able to locate the VISA device.

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Hello Frank-L,


I also have same issue, I am not able to communicate via "Tools>>NI-VISA>>VISA interactive control, attached picture for your reference. 


i could not found device to communicate.


Can you help!!




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