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Systems requirements for Labview executable



Please help to know if the features of hardware is support an labview application?

I dont want to use a desktop/laptop.


CPU: Intel® Atom™ Quad Core Z3735F - 1.33GHz (máx 1.83GHz) 2mb cache 64 bits

Mem:  2GB

Áudio:  Áudio High definition
Vídeo: Intel® HD Graphics

Wifi: 802.11 BGN

 Ext Connections: 1x Micro USB / 1x USB 2.0 / 1x Micro SD

Bluetooth: BT 4.0 HD uART 

Power Supply: 10W (5v/2a), Micro USB

internal Storage: 16GB

OS: Windows 8.1 instalado



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Here's the requirements.


I think you'll be fine as long as your application is well designed and isn't doing anything too system intensive.

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Run-time Engine  =  THe machine that running my application, correct?


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No.  Run time engine is the installed package of code that contains the common and core features and functions of an application that was developed in LabVIEW.

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Yes, you should be looking at the RTE requirements. I think you meet both though.

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Thanks guys


See below my hardware with that specifications:

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Eduardops23 wrote:


See below my hardware with that specifications:

Well that's an interesting concept.  So you may have some storage issue.  The runtime engine is ever increaseing in size, probably over 300MB or so by now.  Of course you put the development environment on there, so you'll likely build an EXE on another machine, then copy the runtime engine and install it, then copy your built EXE and run it.


But I can't think of a reason that a Windows 8 (or 10) machine running on an x86 platform with those specs can't run.  Most of those small embedded devices are running from an ARM of some kind so this wouldn't work, but I think it would here.

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