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System_Exec (Inputs and Outputs problem)


I am trying to create a simple executable, and in it, i need to change the inputs parameters and read the output.

I created my executable checking the Pass all command line arguments to application box. (

Then, I create another subvi for writing and reading the parameters (see attached).

In Command Line i write the path of my executable "c:\Desktop\Call\Test\Test.exe" and then I write -- "c:/newpath" "d:/path2" (these are my two inputs parameters).


I run the program and my executable is open, but I cannt see these input parameters changed (I closed it), but I also dont get any output.


Could you please help me with these??

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To read the argument you have to read it using Property Node as shown on the webpage you have linked.


As far as I know Exe built from VIs doesn't have standard output. I can suggest the workaround - write the output to the file and read in a calling VI.


I have also attached the simple VI Snippet ( of my VI which built to exe reads arguments properly.




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