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Synchronizing PXIe-6361 AI with XNET-CAN

Hello everyone,

I have a PXI chassis (PXIe-1073) with two modules inside: one PXI 6361 and one PXI 8512 module. And would like to synchronize one analog input of the PXI 6361 with the XNET card (which receives CAN messages). Unfortunately I didn't find any examples for my case. Has anyone already experience in this?


Thanks for your help!




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Can you explain what do you mean by synchronize ? Start receiving CAN Messages once the AI signal reaches a predefined value as a sort of trigger....?

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Hello kartiknattar,

I would like to measure the position from two different devices (sensor and reference). The sensor communicates via CAN and the reference is connected to the input of the DAQ module. I want to synchronize the data, so I can get the deviation of the sensor signal.

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Hi Zweimercedes,


Have you found any example on this? Lately I have met the same request from my customer. If you have any clue or material, would you please share with me?


Thanks in advance!

Zhaoyong Wu

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Hello Zhaoyong,


Currently I am not working on this project. But I found this example from NI which comes very near to my case: Synchronize XNET CAN with X Series DAQ


I also got one code from a collegue, which is working but it's written in CVI. I can tell from the code that it's all about the initialization of the DAQ and XNET.


Kind regards,



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Thanks Zweimercedes!


This is really helpful for me to understand the synchronization mechanism. Actually my customer is seeking solution based on .NET language like C# and I haven't found any existing example. Do you happen to have some clue?


Thanks again!


Best Regards,

Zhaoyong Wu

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Hello Zhaoyong,


I am not very familiar with C#, but I could offer a code example in C. I uploaded the c- and header-files to the attachments. You can view the c- and h-files with a standard code viewer. Wish you good luck for your project!


Kind regards,


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Thanks Zweimercedes!


This is helpful!


Zhaoyong Wu

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