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Synchronizing LEDs and camera - trigger?

Hi all,


I am trying to get my camera (via IMAQdx) and a light source (serial) synchronized so that the light is turned on only during user-commanded acquisition in order to minimize photodamage. I assume that using a software trigger for both camera and device will do the trick. I both want to be able to take a single image as well as a sequence of images with a defined delay, which is why I decided to use an IMAQ Grab to save configuring time.


However, I am completely unable to program a simple working example of using a software trigger to control camera acquisition. I had assumed that, as in NI Max, it would suffice to set the camera attribute "TriggerSoftware" to 1 (see vi) - but the camera grabs images also when it is set to zero.


Can anybody give me a really simple working example of user-triggered camera acquisition?

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Did you check Help->Find Examples->Triggered Grab Example?

-Software triggering means according to the frame rate the software will generate internally and get image.

-So even if you get that image or not triggers will be gone to camera and it will have images.

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I find the documentation on the Triggered Grab example lacking in information what's actually going on. However, I found a solution on another site:


and for non-germanophones, the important thing is the use of the Get instead of Grab:



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Grab is High level function which includes Get Image VI if you had checked inside Grab.VI

-Ideally it's good to start with High level functions and depending on your requirements you can get use Low level VI for better configurarbility in acquisition.

-You can check low level functions example in Help->Find Examples-> Search Low-Level.

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