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Support Vector Machine Classifier coding in LabVIEW



Thi is Sauvik Das Gupta, MSEE, in Oklahoma State University. I am presently working on classifying Surface EMG signals to extract the Joint Angles for various Arm Gestures.


Can we write classifier programs like Support Vector Machines(SVMs) in LabVIEW?


I googled & came up with a LabVIEW code, which I am guessing is doing the Classification Job using SVM classifier. The link from which I got this is:-
I have also attached the LabVIEW Program & a figure of its Block Diagram code along with the email.
Could any one tell me how exactly the program works? Or is there any better way to implement SVM classifiers in LabIEW?
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Hi Sauvik,


You can definetly write a classifier program in Labview.  There is actually already a module that contains classifier engines that you can use from within labview if you install the Vision Development Module.


Of the classifier engines contained within the module the VI that it appears you would be most interested in is the "Train SVM VI".


David A.




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Dear David


I tried to make a SVM classification module, but I found your comment about the SVM module which has already released. 

Now I am looking for the way to use the classification module, and there are some questions.


1. What is the "Classifier Session"?

2.  How can I input a learning data to the SVM module?


Would you please teach me how to use the SVM module in basic?


I am sorry to interupt you for  simple questions because of startup.


Best regards,


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Hello, now we want to start with the sema issue, do you found more information about SVM and labview?

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