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How do I add an extra input to a sub. Sounds easy? Also instead of
adding an extra input I need to make a switch go on the front panel. If
it is on the panel of the sub how can I get this on the main panel
adding an extra input to the sub?

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To add a new input, right click on the vi front panel icon (upper-right side of the front panel) and select show connector, then right click again and select a different pattern or add input, and then link the control/indicator to the input/output.
To link a control without a input you can use global variables, or in LV 6 using references.
Hope this helps
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You add an extra Input by opening the sub, right mouse on the icon of the
frontpanel, show pattern, add terminal and connect the new terminal with an
control or indicator.
wichout adding a new terminal you can use global variables to get
information from your sub to your main.

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