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Sub-VIs with front-panel controls?


Is there a way to put front-panel controls into a sub-VI (in 5.1.1)?
I am working on a VI that can display the same set of data in Y vs X
mode or X,Y vs. t mode, which is obviously pretty messy and I would
like to put that in its own VI but it would really only be useful if
the graph/chart were part of the VI then. The best way I have found
so far is to create a sub-VI that will open a window in a predefined
spot, but that is kind of messy. Any better suggestions?

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Yes, you can easily create such a SubVI with front panel controls. Actually each subVI has front panel controls. Usually when we use subVIs to make some calculations we don't open their front panels and cann't see their controls. But if you want to make something like "Dialog window" you have to save your SubVI with some extra options.
1. Create SubVI with front panel objects.
2. Open it.
3. Click with right mouse button on the icon of this VI in the right-up conner of the window.
4. Select "VI Properties..." in pop-up menu.
5. Select Category "Window Appearance"
6. Select "Dialog" ( you can also select "Customize" and manually set the attribute "Show front panel when called" and many other parameters of your VI).
7. Save your SubVI.
Now you can call it from your
main VI and every time you reach this SubVI its front panel will be opened.

Good luck.

Oleg Chutko.
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