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Sub VI - passing data

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I have a VI which I found online for calculate the heart beat per minute (BPM).

"Heart rate"


Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 08.22.07.png



In another vi,, I have a big window with many charts because I would like to visualize all the signals getting to my acquisition board in real time:





I would like to use the "heart rate" to run without showing itself and pass the signal to the so I can visualize it on the chart there, and also I would like to pass the decimal string of the beat per minute.

In the future I will need to do the same with the other different signals, so I guess it will be in the same way.


Can someone please help me?

If there is another easier way of doing that please tell me, I'm quite new to labview Smiley Wink

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Hi simo,


what kind of help do you expect when we don't know your "Heart rate" nor your ""? Should we start to debug your images?


I'm quite new to labview

Then you should start with all those FREE online courses offered by NI.

They will also handle your thread topic of "passing data to sub VIs"…

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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Accepted by topic author simo28

Hello Simo,


There are number of method to share data between one VI to another but, As you are new to LabVIEW, I will tell you one simple method of data sharing between two VIs.


Step 1: Just place global variable in "Heart rate", as shown in below image.

Global Variable.png

Step 2: double click on placed global varialbe. By doing so a window will open.

Step 3: Simply place the "Heart Rate Monitor" graph and BPM indicator in global VI which you want to share data to and Save at your local drive

Step 4: Then wire this variable with "Heart Rate Monitor" graph and BPM indicator in "Heart rate" (Global Varialbe will be in Write Mode)

Step 5: Place this global variable (Global Varialbe will be in Read Mode) in and wired it to any of your front panel graph.

Step 6: After following this process you have to put "Heart rate" in and run it so parellely "Heart rate" will be also run and share BPM data to


Note:  By doing so youhave to also share stop condition to your "Heart rate" from in same manner, then you can stop both vi at a time otherwise "Heart rate" will not stop and will remain in execution mode only.


If you have still any further query please write me.


Vinal Gandhi, CLA
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Hello Vinal_G


Thank you! I tried it but it looks like it pass the array not the dynamic data wire (the blue wire coming out from the DAQ assistant).

How can I pass the dynamic data instead of the orange wire?


I made a small example, is attached. First run the index and then I pass the global variable to the which pass it to the



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You can convert dynamic to Array and Array to dynamic.


Labview 6.1 - 2019
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Of course, thank you! Smiley Wink

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