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String extract hexadecimal number

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I have device that returns multi line response where I need to extract hex number in this patten f01a.ad70.db84


The hex number will chamge, but will be in same patten (FFFF.FFFF.FFFF)


Thanks you.

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Scan From String is your friend. Smiley Wink


Hint: %x.%x.%x

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Chris Van Horn
Applications Engineer
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Both of thank you for your help and point me right deriction.

Because of multi line and muti number, I had to change little bit.


Let me know if there is easier way...


Thank you again.


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There may be an easier way. I don't quite understand what you're doing in your code. What do you mean by "multi line" and "multi number"?  I can understand the "multi line", but I don't get the "multi number". Do you mean you have more than 3 numbers per line? If so, how many. Can you provide a sample file? For multiple lines you can just use the Spreadsheet String to Array function to get your array and auto-index a for-loop.
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Hello smercurio_fc, thank you for help.

I am attaching Test VI. What I was looking for is way to extract hex number; in this case I was able extract IP address that get return in message. This was easy because they are in decimal format, so I made a match pattern “[0-9]+[.][0-9]+[.]+[0-9]+[.][0-9]+” (ie But I wasn’t sure how to make pattern for hexadecimal number, I need to extract MAC Address as well; so I ask the question.

Is there a easy way to make match pattern?


Something like [0-9]or[a-f]+[.] [0-9]or[a-f]+[.] [0-9]or[a-f]+[.]

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Accepted by topic author lvABC

I tried removing all the "enters" with a "space" to make it one line. Then I just kept passing the remaining string through a shift register. Not sure if its more simple, just another way to do it.




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Chris Van Horn
Applications Engineer
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Thank you for help.

I was able to just extract the hexadecimal number by have pattern [0-9|a-f]. "[0-9|a-f]+[.][0-9|a-f]+[.][0-9|a-f]+"

This way I don't have worry about if any other data come between ip and mac address.

Thank you again for help.


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You can also use Match Regular Expression to find your hex string:



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Thank you very much

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