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Strange Block VIs

Another block on my project is unknown. Does anyone knows how to find this block? Thanks.

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This is a property node for a control (implicit binding).


Maybe you should work through the basic LV tutorials. I am pretty sure that these items show up there....



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-That is property node for the image indicator.

-If you have started just learning LabVIEW please check these links:

Start with below links to learn about LabVIEW programming 

NI Learning Center

NI Getting Started

LabVEW Basics

3 Hour LabVIEW Introduction

6 Hour LabVIEW Introduction

LabVIEW Graphical Programming Course

Using the Context Help Window

LabVIEW Inbuilt Examples

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In addition to the advice mentioned above, if you right-click on a node, the resulting menu usually has a "Help" selection - in the case of property nodes, you will usually get TWO "Help" selections - one for generic property help and one for help with the specific property chosen.

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