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Store and recall Data

I am writing an application which requires me to store some data at a given time by pushing a button on the front panel and recall it in the future by pushing another button.  For example, I want to store a steady state motor speed (say, 2000 rpm) and recall this later to use it as a set point. I want to store these values permanently so that I can retrieve them repeatedly in future. Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks.

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When you press "save" write them to an ini file (or .xml file using the flatten to XML VI). Then, when the load button is pushed to retrieve the data, read the file an use a local variable or property node to set the correct control's value.

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Thanks for your suggestion.  Can you please elaborate a bit more? Thanks again.

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You'll find useful the examples shipped with Labview:

Give a look to this: "Write Configuration Settings"




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