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Smearing in text indicators when mouse scrolling (broken redraw?)

Has anyone seen/tackled this problem when using the mouse to scroll in a string indicator? I have a background image selected and the string indicator has a transparent background, plus the indicator's in a VI running in a subpanel. I'm not sure if that's the combination that's causing the break or not. What I see:

Smearing Text.png

It happens both while running and at edit-time. If the mouse is moved without scrolling, the indicator redraws and looks normal again. Tips?

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IMHO, that looks like you have two controls overlapping one another.  The numbers don't appear to be the same. 

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I have a run-of-the mill string indicator displaying license information. If I use the scroll bar for the indicator, there is no smearing, if I use the mouse wheel to scroll, then text is smeared. See attached. This seems like a bug.


No workarounds I have found yet.








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What version of Labview?

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Sorry, my version is 2017, just tested 64 bit, Win7 64 bit.




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I'm running 2017 32-bit. I only seem to see it when the background is transparent. See the attached VI. Reminder that it only shows when you're scrolling with the mouse wheel in the center of the control, not when you use the scroll bar.

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I see it also with your VI.


Thank you for attaching it.


It seems to also be a classic control.  A "modern" control with transparent background did not do it.


I would call it a bug.  But  the only work around I can see is for you to color the background of the control the same as your panel background rather than transparent.

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Had same problem with "modern" string controls in 2016.  Had to change transparent background to same color as panel.  Definitely a bug.

using LV2017SP1
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Could it be a in issue between LV and video driver?  What would happen, for example, if you turn off Aero?  Or disabled accelerated graphics?  (Not suggesting this as a fix or workaround, just exploration of the issue.)

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For the indicator to redraw with the scrollbars but not with the mouse seems to indicate that it is not a driver issue.  However, it wouldn't hurt to make these changes and see what happens.


Are any of those experiencing the issue running Labview on a laptop?  

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