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Small Applications using LabVIEW

Hi, here is an another question that has been popped up a million of times. Can one make small applications using LabVIEW. The last time i tried to make an application(with an an installer and all), its size was 230MB with all the runtime engine and stuff. The reason i ask this is because of the following:


The total space required for running this is 30MB, which i believe along with the runtime environment is really less. Is there anyway to make our(my) application that small as well?.

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Once the runtime engine is installed on the target PC, you do not have to create an installer containing the runtime engine.

I typically just create an executable and copy it onto the machine on which it is to be run.


If the runtime is not present it will tell you it is missing and it is easy enough to download it.


Also, when you create an installer there is the option not to include the runtime engine. In LabVIEW 8.5 this is on the "additional installer" tab.


Both of these will help keep your app small.



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The scope installer file on the internet site you linked to is first of all zipped. Then there is a .MSI installer inside the zipfile. I believe with a .MSI installer builder you can create files which again is compressed down to a minimum. I haven't ran the installer, but my guess is you'll end up over 200MB after installation. I'm not quite sure, but I don't think the standard "installer" in LabVIEW application builder compress the files so much, or maybe at all.


I would recommend you to do what _Ian_ says, but if you want to publish files on the web, you should include the run-time engine and you would have to compress the installer files alot.

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The scope contains the run-time engine, and there's no compression magic, but it's written in LV7.1 (and thus using the 7.1 run-time engine which is ~30MB in size).

The size of the LV run-time engine has increased incredibly fast since then... so if you include the run-time engine in a current LV version your installer will be heavy.


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Hi Ian and all, yes i do it that way as well. Make up an application and just port it to systems having runtime engine. Thanks for the replies.

LabVIEW 8.2,8.6,2009...still learning 😛
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