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Simple build text question



I'm trying to build a text command to send over to a device. The command is something like READ=volts[number of points,time1,time2],amps[number of points,time1,time2],watts[number of points,time1,time2] etc 


I want to dynamically adjust some parameters (such as all of the time1's and all of the time2's), and so i'm using a build text subvi. However, even though i want to use 'time1' three times, the subvi doesnt let me have the same name for a parameter and makes me create 3 seperate parameters so that my subvi ends up looking stupid.


I end up with something like this in my "text with parameters in percents" field: READ= volts[100,%t1%,%t2%], amps[100,%t3%,%t4%], watts[100,%t5%,%t6%] etc Even though t1=t3=t5 and t2=t4=t6


What am I doing wrong?

At least I have chicken
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You aren't doing anything wrong, though a Format Into String function would work just as well. You still need to provide the format for each field. With either function, you simply wire the same control to mutiple inputs.
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