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Silver Picture Ring - Bug?

There is something wrong with Silver Picture Ring - image is shifted - I'm quite sure that it must be a bug.



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If you want to suggest something is a bug, then I suggest you provide some instructions on how to duplicate what you found.  Perhaps attach a VI that others can run.  Attach the picture that you have loaded into that picture ring

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So I attach vi & picture. I did Pict Ring (Modern), duplicated them end replaced by Pict Ring (Silver). It happens for all images in LabVIEW 2012.

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I agree with you that there seems to be a bug.  Not so much with the silver picture ring itself, but with the replacement process where you go from modern picture ring to silver picture ring,  and vice versa.


If you drop a silver picture ring, and import a picture into that, it looks just fine.  But then go and replace the silver ring with a modern ring.  Then you see the modern ring has the image shifting down and to the left.


So right now I'd say don't change from one style to another.  Drop down the style you want, then import the pictures into that version.

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In my LabVIEW image after importing to silver Pict Ring is also shifted (I dropped down that Control).

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Dear Goras!


Thanks for pointing out this bug, I've also been able to reproduce it. The workaround is to edit the image's place in Customize mode for the ring.


Best regards:


Andrew Valko

NI Hungary

Andrew Valko
National Instruments Hungary
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