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Should i keep a database connection open?

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I am currently working on a project where we have various measuring stations sending data to a central analysis machine. We decided to shift to SQL server as our permanent storage back-end.


The question is this: should the measuring stations maintain a constant connection to the database or should they connect/disconnect as necessary?


Keeping the connection open saves on the ~300ms connection time and with possible multiple consecutive db access this could become a problem. Also if I keep the connection open I have no way of knowing when the station loses connection with the DB until I actually try to interact with it.


So do I keep the connection open with the probable logic overhead of establishing whether the station is connected and reconnecting if necessary or do I simply open and close the connection as needed, obviating the need for testing, but incurring a ~300ms time penalty on each DB operation?


I look forward to your opinions and advice.



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This represents my opinion and may have no bearing on reality
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Hi Tjoppi


How often do you access the SQL database? If you write/read every second I would definitely keep the connection open. If you only access the DB every hour I would probably close the connection.

In most cases I would tend to keep the connection open as long as your application runs.


Just my 2c.



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dan_u wrote:


How often do you access the SQL database? 





The DB receives data from multiple connections about every 2 seconds although some of these connections only send data once every 23 seconds. 

This represents my opinion and may have no bearing on reality
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Accepted by topic author tjoppi

When sending data every 23 seconds I would keep the DB connection open. As you said, you might have to do error handling when the write task fails due to a broken DB connection.


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Great!!! found that i can save some 300 - 800ms if i keep the connection open.

Kudos always welcome for helpful posts 🙂
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