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Shock Response Spectrum for LV?

Does anyone have a shock response spectrum subvi for LabVIEW they would be willing to share? This would be a function similar to a frequency spectrum but specifically intended for shock test analysis.....
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I could not find any example programs on our web site for shock response. We do have several add on toolkits but I do not know if they will do what you want. For more infomation about the tookkits look at:〈=US

Jeremy Braden
National Instruments
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I am also looking for the SRS solution w LabView. Did you get more info since you post the question? If you do, please let me know.

Thanks, Albert
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The Shock Response Spectrum for LV is in the sound&vibration tookit.You can find it at Addons/sound&vibration/Transient Analysis/Shock Response if you have installed the sound&vibration tookit.
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