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Shared variables and Starter Kit 2.0

Hi all,


Having an issue when trying to communicate a shared variable between the DaNI and my laptop (via a network published PSP). I essentially just want to pass a number from one to the other (to test shared variables). I can pass a number from the DaNI to my computer (so the variable on my computer is accessing the one on the DaNI) but the other way round (DaNI trying to access the variable on my computer) doesn't work at all. I get the error −1950679023 and when I look using the distributed system manager I see both variables but the one on the DaNi has no value and does not change. (it is stated as having failed)


This is likely something to do with how my laptop/the DaNI is set up, as the same code works perfectly fine on the university computers or even between laptops, the DaNI is the only device where it becomes an issue. I am currently connected via ethernet to the DaNi. I have turned my firewall off and am using Windows 7 64 bit with Labview 2013.


This is driving me mental. I hope you can help.




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Hi INeededAName,


There are serevel possible reasons for the error you are seeing :

1. a missing driver;

2. the shared variables are being referenced incorrectly.The host machine of yoru development computer may have defaulted your network shared variables to the local IP.


The DaNI is basically a sbRIO, make sure it is configured correctly in MAX.


Thank you.



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