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Shared variable - deployment on localhost only

Hi everybody

I got a problem regarding shared variables.

I need them that multiple instances of my application can communicate. These instances will always run on the same computer. The data are quite simple, a boolean and an array of enums.

Everything works fine, until I'm outside the company intranet, when I'm getting deployment errors. After digging into it I found that the shared variables are deployed twice. Once on localhost and once more through the network back to my localhost. The second path will be blocked by the firewall.

This application has to run on many computers and I don't want to fiddle with the firewall on every one of them


The definition of the shared variable is network published, so I guess that explains the network part. However, I could not get any other option to work.


This is the error message I get during deployment


The computer name which I greyed out refers to the local host


The DSM looks like this


Again, the IP adress refers to local host


Is there any way that the deployment will be done only once and on local host only, without additional reference to it through a network?


Thanks for looking into it



EDIT: Using LV2020 SP1 64bit

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Dear  GuentherS,


Did you set the Shared variable node to be target-relative? If You set it to be absolute that might be the one causing the problem.



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