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Shared Variable Initial value not licenced error with cRIO

Hello Everyone,


I've a project that will be deploed on cRIO. This project was created on a different machine and didn't have any error regarding the shared variables. when I transfered the project to the computer connected to the cRIO, I have this error with all shared variable. The error message says that:

1. Initial Values: Not Licenced or can't be edited outside of LabVIEW.

2. Logging: Not Licenced or can't be edited outside of LabVIEW.


attached are two images for the error i have.


Can I have help with this issue?


Thanks in advance 🙂

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Good day,


Sounds like you are using the DSC module features on your code and you forgot to activate the runtime system on that machine. If you have access to the NI License Manager, please check the status of the license.


We need an active license for the second message but, for the first one you can try to program your own initial values for all of your network-published shared variables by initializing whenever the PC is started. During the initialization portion of your code, you can just write a constant value to the shared variables so the values are the same initial values every time it is run.



Alejandro C. | National Instruments
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