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Setting up a Trigger then have labview do something else to activate the trigger signal

Hello Everybody,


I am pretty new at Labview programming and this might just be a understanding problem from my side. But here goes anayway, this is What I want to do.


1) Have labview setup my NI9201 to trigger when it measures a 10V signal    (I can do this)

2) Once the daq system is running have labview go off and activate the 10 volt source  (usb comands that I can allready also do)

3) now that signal is active the Daq system should trigger and record the 60 seconds worth of data from three channels


The individual steps are realtively easy to setup I just don't understand how to get labview to one thing after another. This means currently my program runs the daq part and then turns on the signal (not very useful). Also I can't figure out how to turn the daq off once it has collected 60seconds of data.



Any help would be great




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Posting your code would help. Its probably just that you're not understand the dataflow in labview and someone can probably help you fix that pretty quickly on here.
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I would like to but I have been working on this all day and it is driving me crazy. To simplify things I have no begun trying to the following:


1) Get continous Sampling running

2) Turn on function Generator

3) Wait 30 seconds (Record data during this time)

4) Turn off Function Generator

5) Stop Recording data

6) Do something with data


I just can't seem to figure out how to things to work in the order I want! I have attached my file so far (It's not much yet)



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