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Searching 1D Arrays: Not finding elements that ARE there

Hi All,


So the problem I having is I'm trying to search through a 1D array of time stamps starting from 0 with another array of time stamps. I do this by indexing the second array in a for loop and then taking all the indexes and put those into array. I then use those indexes to format the array the way I want it. The end result I would like is to take two different 2D arrays with different time stamps and line them up according to a a "master" time stamp, leaving 0's where there is no data. Attached is an example data file (its a .csv with a comma delimiter)


I've also attached a VI with a test case already in place that is NOT working correctly. However, below the 1D array of matrices there is a correct format of the array.


I've also put in comments in the block diagram to show how I'm doing things and perhaps you could try and make sense of it.


I appreciate any help you could give me. If you need any further explanation just ask.


Note - Least Common Divisor is a SubVI in Converting Timestamps and Sorting Data




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The Search 1D Array function will not work correctly with floating point numbers. This is due to the way floating point numbers are stored in computers, and has nothing to do with LabVIEW. This is a well-known computer issue, and has been asked about many times on this forum. You either (a) need to use the Threshold 1D Array function, or (b) iterate through each element and use a "is it close enough for government work" test to see if the array element value is the one you want.
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