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Serial Port Config using MAX

Hi there,
I'm trying to configure NPort Moxa Real Com Port Server into Labview 7.0. The Serial to Ethernet Server has been installed in windows and I am able to ping the instrument via command prompt. I'm also able to configure the instrument using associated NPort Adminsitration Suite  software. The problem is LabVIEW or MAX is not able to see those com ports. I'm not even able to open up MAX/Devices and Interfaces in the config tree. Could anyone please let me know, how to proceed w/ the integration process???
Sebastian Uppapalli
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Hi Sebastian,

Do you have NI VISA installed?  If not you can find the latest version here.  After this, you should be able to expand the Devices and Interfaces tab and at least see your built in COM ports on your computer.  If you have VISA but cannot see anything in MAX, you might want to try either installing the latest version of the driver, or repairing the VISA installation or MAX.

Also, do the COM ports show up in Windows Device Manager?


Adam W
Applications Engineering
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