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Self-pace Training, Core 3 Exercise incorrect

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I am following the Self-pace Training, Core 3.  The ZIP file for the Exercise has a problem.  Starting from section 5 where we start dealing with the TLC project, everything is already done.  Basically, I see the solution, rather than the exercise file that I am supposed to work on.  This is a big error.  Where do I get the correct Exercise ZIP file?  HELP!!!

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Hello hn_sofec,


Do you know the contact inside NI that sent you the self-pace training. To try to contact him and ask what we can do.


Thank you!!! 

Daniel M.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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It is on their website, not on a DVD or CD that was sent with the software.

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Hi hn,sofec,


Please I just opened the course material and I am getting the same mistake.  Please send an email to with all the information regarding your company and the person who purchased the course and explaining the same thing you just posted here, and they will try to solve this issue.


Thank you! 

Daniel M.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Thanks Eduardo,

Just did that.

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Accepted by topic author hn_sofec

I just downloaded the exercises zip and it does not seem like they are completed yet. In the "Course Project" folder there is no TLC Main VI, which you make in section 5. If you go to the "Stop-Save-Load" folder it does look like everything is implemented there, but you should be working in the "Course Project" folder.

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Hi Greg,

Thanks for pointing that out.  That seems to be the answer to everything.

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