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Save 3d surface as vector eps file



I tried to export a 3d surface to an eps file.

The generated eps file is attached below. As you can se the eps file is not a vector file. It looks like a normal picture. Zooming makes it unsharp.


The blockdiagram, which exports the 3d surface, is the following:




Exporting it over the context menu of the 3d surface generates the same result.


Why is the generated eps file not in vector format?



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No ideas?

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Hey Matthias,

i'm an Applications Engineer from NI and i want to help you out with your problem. First i would like to know where is this 3D Surface node. Can u upload ur example VI, so i can reconstruct it here and i can test where the error occurs and why?

Is there any further important information i need to know about ur example?


Best Regards,





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Hello Joaquin,


thank you for your answer.


Here is a demonstation VI (LV 2011 SP1).


No there is no further information you need to know.




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I don't mean to hijack the thread, but eps is a bitmapped format from old epson printers......  I know because I've written a parser before.


I don't think this function is for the eps file format you require.




PS I stand corrected.  Apparently the eps file format can contain both vectorized and bitmapped entities.  Carry on.  😉

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Hm ok.

But the eps file generated from a waveform graph is vectorized.


I have to save the 3d chart within a vectorized format and eps would be the easiest way if LabVIEW supports it vectorized.

If not I don't know what to do ...


SVG would be great but LabVIEW does not support this format.

But I can try the emf format. Maybe it will work.

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You say "But the eps file generated is vectorized".  I take it you mean for a different control.


Inconsistent behvaiour is awkward for sure.



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Hey Matthias,


i just wanted to ask, wheter u got new information about your problem. Did you try the .emf format and did it work?


Does this Link help you?


Creating Vector Graphics From LabVIEW Plots


Kind Regards



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Hello Joaquin,


the emf format is no vector file, too.


The link works only for waveform graphs and charts, but not for 3d plots. And I'd like to have the 3d plot as vector file.



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Hello Matthias,


it seems that LabVIEW is limitated in the ability to produce vector graphics, (afterall, LabVIEW is not a graphics software). I tried to open the exported .EMF and .EPS files with various programms, which can view vector graphics (EPS Viewer, EMF Viewer, XnView and Adobe Illustrator), but it never worked. It seems LabVIEW can't produce a complex vector graphic out of a 3D Plot. The limitation of LabVIEW is at 2D Plots and Waveforms like seen in the Knowledgebase.


"Creating Vector Graphics From LabVIEW Plots"


I'm sorry, but for creating a vector graphic out of a 3D Plot you have to use an other programm than LabVIEW, because LabVIEW isn't developed for such graphical actions.


Best Regards





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