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SCXI-1000 Compatability

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I am trying to use the SCXI-1000 with LabVIEW. Since this hardware is discontinued, it is not compatible with newer versions of LabVIEW and NI-MAX. I was wondering what versions of NI-MAX, LabView and DAQmx Base should I use. 


I need to make a simple data logging program to save and display data for strain gages. I am currently trying to use LabVIEW 2009, with NI-MAX 5.6, but i cant find a DAQmx Base download previous to 14.0. Therefore, in LabView, I don't get the Data Acquisition palette that I need.


Is there better software to use? Is there somewhere else I can find this version of DAQmx?


Thank you!

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This article lists the version required for SCXI-1000



As per this article DAQmx 19.0 and earlier supports SCXI devices.

DAQmx 19.0 readme states that it supports SCXI-1000/DC model -


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Thank you! I will try this out

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Can someone tell me why my SCXI boards are not showing up in the configuration on NI MAX?  I have kept Daqmx at 18.5, but NI MAX still does not recognize that I have SCXI modules connected to my system.


Please excuse my posting here.  I couldn't find where to start a new topic.

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