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SAI PDF Generator Error 1172

Hi everyone!


I am to trying to create a PDF with Simplicity AI Generator found in Labview's VI Manager module.

Following the examples given with it, I have an error when trying to create the report.


The error is the following:





Error 1172 occured : Constructor Node Error creating instance of CustomPDF in assembly Sai.CustomPdfGenerator.CustomPDF, Sai.CustomPdfGenerator, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null, (System.UnauthorizedAccessException: access to 'C:\Users\antoine.Courtois\Desktop' refused.)

The error might be a bit different than the normal English one (translated from french).



Anybody has an idea of how to fix it? I've been looking on concerning this error, but can't get it to work though.

.NET framework seems to be well installed on my computer.


Cheers! Smiley Happy


Antoine C.

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Which example did you try?  I have the Simplicity AI toolkit installed (per curiosity) and I courd try if I see the same problem.

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Here is my small VI I did inspired by an example I found in "Find example".


Thank for your answer.


See ya!

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Could you save the file in LV2013?

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Here it is!

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Antoine, you have at least two problems:


-1)  you supplied a directory path instead of a file path;

-2) you supplied a font constant instead of a font.



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Hi! Thanks for your help, works perfect now! 🙂

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I had the same issue.

In my case, our customer did not run the EXE from a local location. Instead from a network folder.

For trying i copied the EXE to "C:\temp" and run it from there and the pdf was created successfully.

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