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I have a problem when I try to start my application under LabVIEW DSC RunTime version 6.0 or 6.0.2. If the computer running the application was forced shutdown (by mistake, or due to a power failure) the RunTime doesn't start automatically after restarting Windows 2000. The operator need to close the DSC RunTime window and restart DSC RunTime. After second restart, all works fine.
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Hi Nelutzu,

If a computer system does crash whoever would know what happen after a restart? Maybe it does not restart anymore because the HD is demaged?...

Anyhow in your case it is as "simple".

LabVIEW DSC RTS (and as well the Dev System) is setting a configuration ini key to TRUE whenever the extensions (security, startup vi, ...) are loaded. Specifically: \vi.lib\extensions\uistartup\uistart.cfg (it's an .ini file) with section [LVStartup] and key running=TRUE. If now the system gets a forced shutdown, LabVIEW (DSC) cannot set this ini key properly to false and if we reboot the system and launch LabVIEW DSC (DSC-RTS) that "thinks" the VI is already started and will not load it anymore.

There are maybe dif
ferent workarounds you could go with.
a) You could write a small application or batch file that that would run before you start LV-DSC-RTS. This application should delete this mentioned key in the uistart.cfg file.
I have attached a small VI (written in LabVIEW 6.1 and built an executable with it which would do that). You copy this executable to the DSC-RTS folder and launch it before you start the DSCRTS.exe after a crash and than it should startup the VI at the first time.

b) You could delete the mentioned key in your running application at startup by adding the attached vi as a subvi at the beginning of your app. However this would cause maybe some problems with the shutdown mechanism of LabVIEW. So what - this shutdown mechanism is anyhow ignored when we face into a powerfailure.

Hope this helps
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