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Ring control - wrong use or wrong behavior?

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I have a simple ring control. 

MaSta_1-1669895408732.png   ring.png

So far nothing special. When using the UP/DOWN buttons, it becomes illogical. The values are ascending top to bottom. So when configured as shown, the UP buttom would only go to 18, no matter if the ring is set 9, 12 or 14. It would not rotate. The DOWN button would go up with the values, and it would rotate, so 9 -> 12 -> 14 -> 18 -> 9 etc.


Seeing this I thought I'd have to reverse the number and configured them descending with the result that the UP/DOWN now stop working once they get to the 9.


I mean, is this normal?


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Open the properties of the ring.

Go to the "Data Entry" tab.

Check "Use Default Limits"

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The limits, yes. I already wondered why you would limit a control that has a list of values, not a range. I actually expected LV to ignore them

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Think of a ring as a convenient way for a user to enter a number.  You give them choices for convenience, but really it can even be a number not on the list (if you allow it, or if wired into the block diagram).

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