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Restart VI Execution from SSH

It is possible to restart the execution of a VI inside a CRIO (CRIO-9067) from SSH, without 'reboot'ing the controller?


I can establish all SSH and FTP communication, I just need to know the service or program which controls the NI VI set as execution at reboot. 


Thanks in advance.

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On NI Linux RT you can run this command to restart your startup app

/etc/init.d/nilvrt stop && /etc/init.d/nilvrt start

There are a number of threads discussing this, but it‘s still hard to find from search. Maybe adding some links and tags will Maike ist better.
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That's funny because with my RPI, if my LabVIEW app crashes, it's because something went sideways on the RPI and a reboot is absolutely necessary.

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