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Resetting XY Plot after data input cycle



I am a new member here and I am working with a MyDAQ board and Labview. Basically, I am continuously getting voltage inputs from the myDAQ and plotting it against an x-axis that is created from a function generator. My x-axis basically loops from 3-4V, then restarts at 3V. After the function generator restarts at 3V, I want the X-Y Plot to also reset. At the moment, the y-axis is just constantly updating and retaining the old values. I am trying to make a waveform that repeatedly sweeps through a range of inputs.


Is there a way to get around this issue?


Thanks for all the help!

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Hi osiris17,


Do you have a VI which you can share? From what I understand, you want the XY Graph to reset when function generator = 3V?


If you want to reset, you can just use "Invoke Node" to "Reinitialize to Default" (right click on the XY graph >> Create >> Invoke Node >> Reinitialize to Default)


Of course, you would need to think of a logic maybe use case structure to run the true case only when function gen = 3, where true case reinitialize the values in XY Graph to default?


Hope that helps


Warmest regards,


Learning new things everyday...
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Hi Lennard,


Thank you for your reply. I will look into the Invoke node function. I think I came across something similar but I ran into difficulties implementing a logic gate to active it on time. 

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Since the default might not be empty, I usually just write a cluster with empty x and y arrays. Right click on the graph and select Create Constant.

I don't understand your comment about logic gates. You must have some logic that starts the sweep again so place the graph clear in that.
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Hi osiris17,


As mentioned by Dennis, you can also force a value to the XY graph with empty x and y arrays if invoke node does not work. May I ask what is the complication you were facing?


Warmest regards,


Learning new things everyday...
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