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Reset Array element when i run the program once

Hi every body , i have seem many topic about reset the array element.but i can't do that well

 I want to reset all the element inside the array to the " gray color " ( the condition when i reopen the VI )

once i run the program by clicking the buttom.


Is there any method ?


I have attached the pic for your reference


Thank You

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It is hard to advise what might be the best way without actually seeing your code.


But basically you would write an empty array constant to either a local variable or the value property node of that indicator or control you have shown.

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Thank you for your reply , i have tried it before

if i use local variable and property , they just add 0 or empty space to the array

they still count in the array size


how can i make it seems as gray color with empty value ?

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Post your VI with whatever method you did that you say doesn't work for you.  You must have done something wrong and we won't know what until we see the code.  Here is what it should look like.

Message Edited by Ravens Fan on 03-02-2009 11:00 PM
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Did you try with shift registers? you can initialise the starting value with empty value or any you want. See the attachment,

As I don't know about your design in detail at this point, this may contradict.

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