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Reserved word in LabVIEW (2023 Q3)

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I´ve discovered that the word "Message" is a reserved word when it comes to file namnes in projects. The icon for an auto-populated folder is changed according to the attached picture if it starts with the word "Message". No other apparent consequence apart from the changed icon appearance.

Anyone noticed this?

Any explanation why this is so?

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Likely an Actor Framework feature. Did you install that Framework?

Rolf Kalbermatter
My Blog
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Yes, I´ve installed NI GOOP Developer Suite. But what´s the purpose of this behaviour?

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I have difficulty seeing the "attached picture". Is there one?

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@altenbach wrote:

I have difficulty seeing the "attached picture". Is there one?

Nope 😀. I was just guessing in the blue.


Project providers can do these type of things however, and the Actor Framework as well as the GOOP Toolkit have such providers.

It’s an extremely sparsely documented feature and a very easy way to send your LabVIEW into misfits if the project provider does less than perfect work.

Rolf Kalbermatter
My Blog
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Accepted by CuriousSwede

This is due to the Actor Framework project provider, which has been integrated into LabVIEW for a number of years now (the icon functionality is not new to 2023).


The provider logic is simply crude in terms of icon load, but actually kinda useful if your codebase needs something akin to a "message".

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Apparently the picture was never uploaded. I give it another go.

Now I have inserted the picture file (PNG) in the upload area.

Let´s see if it works this time

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