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Require additional installers?



I am looking for advice on the following, I am attempting to build a stand alone application, i am unsure as to how to go about achieving this as its the first time i have attempted it. I have built an application with my main vi as the start up vi and all the dependencies are attached so there are no vis to choose from for the source files for the always included window.


My next step was to build an installer, i assume the source files to attach to this is the one i selected for the start up in building the stand alone application. Now within my vi i use NI-IMAQdx 4.0 aquisition software i was wondering what additional installers i require or will my code execute? Do i need to add drivers etc.





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Just another question, how exactly do you deploy it onto another computer?I have been looking up manuals etc but not actually clarify how to achieve this do you need to copy the folder and send to a target computer?



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You need to determine the software you want to deploy and use. For instance, since you use daqmax, I suggest you include MAX, Usually the run-time support for labview during the build. Since you are using DAQMx 4.0, it is quite old. I am not sure which version of Labview you are using. Do you have the builder License for your version of Labview.


One way to help determine it, you can get a pristine machine and install it on the machine and see what kind of error occurs when you install your software.

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I have labview2012 it's the vision acquisition imaqdx that is 4.0 I was wondering do I need to install the visa drivers along with the vision when I deploy it onto a new computer also how do I put it onto another computer?as this is not clear from the labview help.


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When it's done building, press the "Explore" button. Copy that folder to another computer (or network drive, flash drive, CD, etc). On the other PC, run setup.exe.

If you're able, make a virtual machine that has not had any NI software installed - then clone it. That way you can see if the install works correctly, then clone the "clean" VM again the next time.

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The installer creates a windows installer that is just like all of the other windows installers that you have used. You can put it onto aCD/DVD/thumb drive/shared network location or any other medium that you want.

You only install NI-VISA if you use it. Also, don't forget the vision license.
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I will want to deploy it on two machines that have no labview so i will need to put the vision licence on both machines?do you need to activate it on ye new machines or can I just add it as an installer?


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You add it as an installer and then you activate it with the the license you purchased.
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Hi guys,


I have added the NI-IMAQ 4.7.0, NI-IMAQdx 4.0.0, the chroma driver, NI-Serial and the NI-VISA Configuration support 5.2, NI-VISA Runtime 5.2 and NI-VISA Server 5.2. Do i install Vision Run-Time Engine 2012 also?


I have a serial number for the labview professional development licence and it contained the vision acquisition module along with the vision builder and toolkits etc. I also have a different serial number this is the vision development module run time licence which is the vision acquisition product. So this is the one i activate on the deployed computers? Thanks for the help i am just a bit cautious as to what i can activate.





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Also with the labview professional development licence i know i can activate it on 3 machines, but with this vision development module run-time licence how many can i activate it on?





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