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Replace each 0 and 1 in an array with n number of 0s and 1s

Hi , could you please help me with this. Lets say I have this array




and I want to replace each 1 and 0 with 2  ( might be 10000)  number of0s and 1s. so the result is




Could you please help me to implement this in LV . As mentioend I should be able to repeat the bits as many time as specified . 2 times or 100000 times


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This sounds like homework, but i'll give you a hint -


You need to iterate through the array and create a seperate array based on the individual elements. To do that, you'll need a for loop, a case structure, initialize array, and build array.


You should be able to take it from here...

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VI Attached.  Pretty easy logic to claim help  :[  I would suggest u to learn LabVIEW fundamentals. Read the help context and pratice with examples already shipped. 🙂



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@p-rose wrote:
...To do that, you'll need a for loop, a case structure, initialize array, and build array.

Two for-loops will do, actually Smiley Tongue


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Or you could just interleave the array with a copy of itself. See attachment.

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I would use Initialize Array.

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Or, if you want to be fancy, turn the digit array into a string, use search-and-replace (2X) to add your digits, then turn the resulting string back into a number array.




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Most cleaner and simple solution has been posted by crossrulz

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