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Can you suggest me any solution for my problem?

I have 2 PCs. Image from the first one is sent to the 2nd one. I'm going to do some image processing method on the image and send it back to the 1st. one.


The image processing method can be chosen from clinet side. I tested the remote run functionality on VIs, it is so cool, but it does not work if I dont start the labview IDE.


Is there any way to use remote run vi - without running Labview IDE on the 2nd PC? - or I have to build an exe and call the exe remotely?

On the 2nd PC there will be Labview 2009 RTE and VisionRTE but the IDE wont be installed.


Could you suggest me an elegant solution?

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To be honest, the best solution would be to leave your remote instance of LV running all the time.  You could even create a little "helper" app that prevents someone from shutting it down.


However, if you want to launch an app on another PC, try using PS TOOLS:


In particular, the PSEXEC tool.


You'll want to run PSEXEC with the proper credentials (e.g. specify a username/password with admin priveleges).  But it should do what you need.  And best of all, its free.
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Hi Durnek,


in fact, subpanels work just with local machine (to the best of my knowledge).


If you need just to display subpanel of VI running remotely, I would suggest you to expose the VI with Vision to webserver, and leave it running on remote computer. On the computer without Vision, you can use ActiveX container with web browser, and load web page (remote panel) of the VI with Vision. Thus you can get virtually the same behavior as if you use subpanels.



hope this trick will help you Smiley Wink


Martin Stefik


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Hi Durnek,


Thank you for marking solution. It might help people who will look for similar questions to find a solution.




Martin Štefík


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