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Remote Panels difficulty

I'm having problems getting remote panels (Web interface) to actually work.


I think I've configured it all correctly as per the guides, and currently I'm trying to test it on the local machine so the network should not be a problem.

The server I'm using has a LabVIEW 8.5 full development environment on it, and the VI I'm trying to run remotely is open (loaded).


But when I open the webpage to run the embedded VI, the page opens and gives a quick into about loading the VI then the all-too-familiar message about the "VI not being in memory on the server".


I'm using the log also, and it seems to be doing it's FTP stuff OK, returning only an error about the VI not being in memory on the server target.


Any clues?


While I'm here; I ultimately want this to run on a private network that does not have a connection to the wider internet. It seems the web page I created for my VI has embedded references to third-party sites, for checking licenses presumably. Will remote panels work without connection to the internet?




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Hi Lamb,


Have you seen this KnowledgeBase article? I'm guessing you have, but I thought I would let you know about it anyway.  Have you enabled the Web Server, and set the VI to visible? To enable the Web Server go to Tools»Options»Web Server: Configuration; and to set the VI  as a visible VI go to Tools»Options»Web Server»Visible VIs.  



As far as not having to connect to the internet, you shouldn't have to so you should be fine! Take a look at this Tutorial, too.  It may answer a lot of your questions- its pretty thorough. The paragraph under Figure 6 gives an example of a URL in a LAN environment.


I hope this helps!


Kristen H.

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