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Remote Panel control from Mac OS-X

I've noticed a strange 'feature' when my VI is controlled remotely from a Mac versus an XP machine.


I can log into my compiled VI (running on my Vista machine) from a remote XP and request control.  Then, from the remote, I can choose to exit my vi (which, when it exits calls the Quit LabVIEW VI), the VI on my machine exits.  This is exactly what I what to happen.


When I try the same scenario, only with a remote Mac OS-X machine doing the controlling, when the Mac exits my vi, a dialog pops up on my local machine telling me that there are remote users still connected, and exiting will disconnect them.


I've got a system set up where my local machine will start up my VI, making it available for remote control.  When the remote user is finished, it should exit and be ready to be re-started by my system.  But, with what I've seen, if a Mac user does the contolling, my VI will not automatically quit!  This is supposed to be an un-supervised process, so Mac users will upset my system.


Any ideas on getting my VI to quit on it's own regardless of who is doing the remote control (without placing prompts on the machine actually running it)?



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Hi Steve257,


What browser are you using on the Mac?   Have you tried using different browsers?  I want to know if we can limit this issue to the Mac OS or the browser.

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I'll check with my partner, but as he's only recently gotten the Mac, and doesn't tend to try anything non-standard, I'm pretty confident it's Safari.


He did mention that when he first logs on to the remote panel, he's presented with a dialog of some kind.  I've never seen a dialog on a Microsoft machine.  I'll try to get him to grab some screen captures and get them to you.


If it makes any difference, the VI is built with LabView 8.5.1, so that would be the Mac RTE that he's using.


As this problem will crop up again with anyone else using a Mac in the same configuration, is there a way to force my VI to completely exit?  I noticed some reference nodes for remote panel clients...can I force them to all drop before I call the Exit LabView VI?

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Hi Steve257,


This article explains how you can use Property and Invoke Nodes to control the client connections to the remote panel:  KnowledgeBase 3MJDFDO8:  How do I Know Who is Connected to a Remote Front Panel?

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