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Remote Control Labview 8.6

Hey everyone,


I would like to view and control a VI front panel from a computer that is connected on the local business intranet.  First, I used the web publishing tool on the computer on which the VI is located to publish the VI, then I hit connect.  Next, I went on another computer connected to the business intranet and selected "Connect to Remote Panel..." and connect with "Request Control" checked.  After I select "Connect," a message is returned saying "Server does not support Remote Panels."  Any suggestions?




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Well, my first question is, have you enabled the web server service on the host computer?

Tools >> Options >> Web Server : Configuration


Then on the top, check the box that says "Enable Web Server"

Cory K
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Yes, I have.
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Hi owen,


Have you searched for your error?  Often times this is the best way to get resolution to your issues.  I searched for "Server Does Not Support Remote Panels" and found this as the first result:


"Server Does Not Support Remote Panels" Error When Connecting to a Remote Front Panel

Stephen Meserve
National Instruments
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Hey Stephen,


Thanks for taking the time to respond.  I have resolved this issue, but have come across another in the process.  Thus far, I have been able to remotely control VI's through intranet from remote computers.  Ultimately, my goal is to be able to remotely control a VI which is acquiring data, without the use of the internet and without the use of a router.  Right now, as far as I know, this requires that I create an ad hoc WiFi network between the host and client computers; I have been successful up to this point.  I used the web publisher in LabVIEW on the host computer to publish, but when I try to load the page on the client computer, the status bar stays unfilled and reads 0.00% of 0 bytes.  I have tried waiting a long time for it to load.  Also, I have successfully published, viewed, and controlled the VI on separate computers with the intranet operational, the only problem is when I try to remotely control the VI through the ad hoc network.  I have searched the web and the NI Discussion Board thoroughly, but have found no solution.



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