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Reduce vibration

Good Evening All,


I am looking at reducing the overall vibration in a wildcat helicopter for my university course. Obviously due to the cost i am unable to utilise a real life wildcat so am looking to use a radio controlled helicopter to prove my concept works.


I need to measure the phase of the main rotor head so i can then ensure the dc motor i will use as a "shaker" will be 180 degrees out of phase.


Due to the size of the RC helicopter i am unable to use an accelerometer to pick off the required information.


My question is what component would be best to use and is this even feasible?

Thank you in advance for your expert opinion and input,


Best regards,


Mark Sheldon.

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Hi Mark,


The Sales Development Engineers here at NI are the people to go to with these kinds of questions.They're engineers you can explain your application to and give you the available solutions and a price breakdown.


If you'd like to speak to one of them you can call your local NI office and asked to be put through to a Sales Development Engineer.


Alternatively, I'm happy to pass your details to them and ask them to reach out to you to help. If you'd like this, just send me an email or phone number privately.





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