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Real-time updates of an XY graph with a 2D array (x,y) inside a for-loop

Hi all,
   I am new to this forum, and relatively new to LabView (I've used TestPoint in the past), and I have a question. I have implemented a for-loop to grab data from an LCR meter (via GPIB) which becomes the Y data. The X data is calculated and tunneled into the for loop (although varies with incrementing 'i'). Anyhow, I am trying to store all of the data and keep the user updated throughout the test by plotting the XY Graph each iteration. Right now, the XY Graph plots one point at a time, so somehow the data I am appending to the 2D array (x,y data) is getting overwritten each itteration. How can I make it so that each new point is added to the array, making it bigger so that the data will be saved and so that the user will be able to see all the data in real-time on the graph as the test in running?


P.S. I would post a screenshot, but I'm not sure how to upload here.
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Hey Mendeleev3104,


There is an attachment section at the bottom of the post when creating or editing a post. You might want to use that to attach a picture of your code.

None the less I will give a shot with some suggestions without viewing your code.


You should look into using shift registers along with the Insert Into to build an array of numbers. A good source of information for shift registers can be found in the For Loop and While Loop Structures help.


Hopefully this helps!!

Aashish M
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