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Reading the xml file and sort

Hi all, 


I need to read the XML file and sort the content in that. but initially, I had a problem with the reading itself.


the error stating that file was empty. but the file has a content .

I read ( opened ) the content and verified using the MS access database.

 expecting your ideas 

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audit ‏is empty

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Hi artem , 


pls find the attachment . 


from the XML file, i need to extract the first column ( date ) and sort. 



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You can't read no-LV xml by LV-reader.

Do it manual


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@Artem.SPb wrote:

You can't read no-LV xml by LV-reader.




Do it manual



 although "parse XML" does take some amount of time to execute,

  using "parse XML fragments" on "audit.xml" from the zip-file results in the following:




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Hi artem , 


i am new to this domain .and expecting the guidelines 

pls attach the vi file 


More over ParseXML is available under which palette ? i dint have it 


i opened by MS access database. for sample just see the format of the file . ( find attachment)


i need to sort the date ( first column )  . For that ? is it possible ?

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Place Read From XML on BD and open it. You'll find how it works.

ParseXML is part of BD, I've taken it from here, not from menu.

My image is snippet, so you can save it and drag on your BD.

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Thanks artem ,


but the vi taking so much time to list out the output . what was the reason and how to avoid this ?

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I think you can't avoid long waiting.
You source file too big for fast working.

If you need work with file many times, better resave it in binary format or into DB

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If you really need to reduce your execution time [You need to develop your own LV code by invoking MSXML] which will reduce your execution time.

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