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Reading multiple sensors and representing them from Arduino Serial Monitor to LabView

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Hey so I'm trying to use some sensors from an arduino I own, basically temperature, acceleration and orientation, I made it so it sends all the information packed like this


From there I tried breaking that string into the different numbers and then using those for the graphs and other stuff, but every time I tried something different it didn't work, I have no idea what knowledge I'm lacking from all the documentation all over the place or from what I could learn or do better





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Hi cinco,


"Spreadsheet String to Array" could be the answer for extracting measurements from the received string.


Try that in first place, then see if you wouldn't need another patch (for example on VISA Read).

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Yeah so that's the solution, I input the string and it sends out all the different numbers in an array, but since I am sending all the data from serial into a string at spits it out in lines and lines and lines, the spreadsheet data to array function doesn't take in the newest line and uses that, but when I separate a string of data and push it, it works, the problem is that I have no idea how to constantly separate the newest string of data onto the function, send it out and continue the loop

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Hey yeah so I solved it all, but why did you use %.2f as a way for it to be represented? instead of %f, because that doesn't work, sorry for the inconveniences!

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For no particular reason, just the habit of specifying the exact format of the input string.


Which doesn't work in your case ? "%f" or "%.2f" ?

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