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Reading from continously appended spreadsheet

Reading from continously appended spreadsheet

i'm a novice to LV and need some basic help.
i use a PCB accelerometer to get vibration data from a machine(lathe,milling m/c). i use a LDS dactron signal analyzer to interface the sensor to my system via usb. the s/f  that came along is called RT pro. the data acquired can be written by rt pro in real time in EXCEL sprdsht(x and y values of the graph(volt vs time) are appended to the rows in the sprdsht).
can i use this data(sprdsht file) to generate the signal in LV.
is it ok that the sprdsht file will be open at the time and that data will be cont. appended to it by rt pro. how to go about this?
i also have access to NI SCB-68 daq card.. can i connect the accelerometer(pcb) to this DAQ card.. the accelerometer plug end is the cylindrical  type you lock into place by turning(for want of a more technical term..sorry..i'll post  the photo if u want) can it be connected to scb(ie if it can be done) which has screw terminals...for temp. reading i find this easy as i just have to screw the wires in place..but wat bout the accelerometer. 
thanx for any help u can offer.
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Re: Reading from continously appended spreadsheet

The SCB68 is not a DAQ card.  It is a connection block.  What DAQ card do you have?  The connector you have is called a BNC type.  I am using a PCB accelerometer, with their signal conditioner, into a PCI-6221 DAQ card.  I use Labview to view and datalog vibration.

You can read back the log file and put the data into Labview.  Is that program really writing to a native Excel file, or to a .csv or .txt file that can be read by Excel.  If it is a true Excel file, you won't be able to read and write to it at the same time.  If it is not, then you should be able to.  You may want to check the RT Pro tech support to see if they have an ActiveX library, or there is a dll librart that you can use to access the signal analyzer from Labview.

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