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Read excel data .csv and operate arrays later

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Hi! I'm afraid that it's a very simple issue but I'm very new in LabVIEW. I hope that you could help me!


I'm trying to read a .csv file in labview. The excel has two columns and I'm interested just in the second. 

I'm going to read many rows, so my goal it's to make the main of each 10 numbers. 


So, first I want to read the data (just the second column) and then make the main of each 10 numbers and then introduce in another array the mains. Finally, I need to plot this array. 



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Read the entire .csv into a 2D array and then index out just the column(s) you need.



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Hello! Thanks for your answer.


Sorry because maybe I should be more specific. But I don't know how to follow. I'm not familiar with LabView


I attach a picture where you can see what I have. I'd like to take the data from this array and do the mains that I told you in the last post. I think that it's easy but I don't have any idea. 


Thank you very much



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Hi Luis,


yes, that's easy: use IndexArray to get the 2nd column!


I'm not familiar with LabView

Why don't you take those training resources offered for free in the header of the LabVIEW board?

Best regards,

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Accepted by topic author alarcon7

Here is how you do it.


But I agree with GerdW you need to take a few of the free training courses

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Thank you guys, you are right! I'll look everything there!



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