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Read an Excel cell using LabView


I'm trying to read Excel cells with LabView, witch can be numeric data
or text.
I want to chose the Excel cell to read.
I try to use AtiveX commands in order to do so, but it doesn't work,
and I don't understand all concepts of activeX.
I searched on the web, but I didn't find any simple example witch can
run for me.

Can we do it without activeX commands?
Do you have any simple example to send me?

Thank you for your help.
Jean-Louis, France.
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Here is a simple VI that uses ActiveX to read an Excel cell. It is set up for string values, but it can be changed. If you get a broken run arrow, than you may have to reconfigure some of the propery nodes for your version of Excel.
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Great work!


Do you have any tutorial or information where explain how it works exactly? (just for learn and dominate the topic)


Thanks for all!

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