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Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Hello guys,


I am wondering if i can use Python in combination with Labview.

Let's say that i programmed my raspberry (in Python)to power up a led each 2 seconds.

Next step i want to read from labview the state of the led. I'm asking this beacuse i have worked with arduino and labview and i noticed that if arduino is programmed in C, then make connection with labiew, when upload the labview code .. the C code in arduino is no longer working.



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Re: Raspberry Pi

You can do this.  The issue with the Arduino isn't that the C code is no longer working, it's that it no longer exits.  Compiling LabVIEW for an Arduino and flashing it will replace whatever is on the Arduino.


In the case of a RBP, since it's a full compter with an OS, you can run multiple programs and so could run both Python and LabVIEW and interface between the two. has a lot of info about such a scenario in terms of easily running LabVIEW on a RBP, with some caveats.  For instance you have to use LV 2014 and it's non-commercial only.


Alternatively, in both cases, Arduino and RBP, you can run LabVIEW externally on some other system like a PC and communicate to the Arduino/RBP over serial, ethernet, Wifi, etc.  MakeHub also has some VI libraries to deal with this.  You can find them on VIPM.  they let you do things such as read/write raw arduino pins over serial or higher level tasks such as control motors.

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