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Randomly Display a Light and Begin Recording


Randomly Display a Light and Begin Recording

Hello, I am trying to create a LabVIEW program to record EMG signals to test reflexes. I have all of the EMG stuff down. I am trying to figure out a way to randomly display a light on the screen and begin a timer. Any help is much appreciated.

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Re: Randomly Display a Light and Begin Recording

By "Randomly", I assume you mean "at a random time delay", or did you mean "at a random position on the screen"?  Have you thought about what you mean by "random"?  Do you want to express this as "anywhere between A and B", or as "normally distributed with a mean of A and a standard deviation of B", or something else?  Do you know how to use the "Random" function in the Numeric Palette?


If you want a time delay, do you know about the Time Delay functions on the Timing Palette?


Have you taken the basic LabVIEW Tutorials, such as the ones listed on the Forum's Main Page?  If so, and if you've considered the points raised above, you should be able to make a start on writing some LabVIEW code that will do what you want.  Give it a try, and if it is not exactly doing what you expect, attach your code (meaning attach a file or files with the extension .VI, or else compress the folder with all of your VIs and attach the resulting .ZIP file) and explain your problem.


Bob Schor

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