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RIO won't FTP if WiFi turned on

Working on a RIO project that is being used as an embedded data acquisition device. There's a config file the user uploads to the device to setup the acquisistion. I created an executable that will upload the file through FTP, however, while it will log in, rename files, get directory listings, etc, I could not get it to transfer the file, either direction, without first turning off the wifi on my own computer. I saw the article about the multiple network cards and made sure my gateway was set to zeros and than reloaded the RIO software. No fix. Obviously, turning the wifi off is a workaround, but slightly inconveinent for the end user. Any ideas? I posted a screen shot of the code, it doesn't get any simpler than that. 



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Try setting the "Active (T)" input to False, which should set it to Passive FTP.  There's a chance that will fix it.  If not, do you see the same problem when you use some other FTP client?

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